2020 Master Plan Revision Process

Lyon County is currently reviewing the 2010 Comprehensive Master Plan for unincorporated Lyon County. This page is dedicated to keep citizens and stakeholders informed on the process and progress of the revision.

Lyon County will be conducting four Town Hall Meetings starting in November. The purpose of these meetings is to provide information to the communities and receive feedback from the communities as to concerns and desires for the Comprehensive Master Plan. The primary focus of this revision is to:

    - Review existing goals and determine if Lyon County has met them.
    - Eliminate goals that have been met and propose goals for the next decade.
    - Determine infrastructure needs and propose goals and possible timelines.
    - Ensure compliance with Nevada Revised Statutes and Title 15 Land Use and Development Code.

The Lyon County Planning Commission and County Commission will participate in workshops to discuss community concerns and ideas as well as address their own ideas and concerns. Once the initial community and Commission meetings have been held then staff working with Manhard Consulting will begin the process of proposing revisions. Once those revisions are completed then Lyon County will host another set of Town Hall Meetings and Workshops to introduce proposed changes.

Lyon County anticipates completing this project in the summer of 2020.