Mound House and Dayton

The Mound House and Dayton service area is supplied by 20 wells. The wells produce between 25 to 1400 gallons per minute. Due to the size of our service area and the elevation differential between the wells and tanks, 6 booster pump stations are required. One of the booster stations pumps water from Dayton over to Mound House. The system has a total of 11 steel storage reservoirs ranging in size from 40,000 gallons to 2,000,000 gallons for a combined storage capacity of 9,183,000 gallons. Both Dayton and Mound House each have 4 pressure zones.
Lyon County Utilities operates a Conjunctive Use Program which allows us to use surface water rights in conjunction with ground water rights in Hydrographic Basin 103 and segment 7A of the Carson River.

Smith Valley

The Smith Valley water system has one well with a small hydro-pneumatic storage tank located at the well site. The Dressler Park water system also has one well with a small hydro-pneumatic tank on site and two irrigation wells.