Tax Cap Information


There are emergency regulations and additional legislation that may change some of the information as it stands now. This web page will be updated as we get new information.

Assembly Bill 489

In 2005, the Nevada State Legislature passed a law to provide property tax relief. Assembly Bill 489, signed into law on April 6, 2005, provides a partial abatement of taxes by applying a 3% cap on the tax bill of the owner’s primary residence and a higher cap 8%, on the tax bill of other properties. Some rental dwellings may also qualify for a 3% cap on the tax bill. The only property that will not be subject to a tax cap will be property that is new to the tax roll this year such as new parcels and/or new construction and parcels with a change in use.


Periodically our office will be mailing affidavits to new homeowners in Lyon County, asking that they indicate whether the home is their primary residence or is being rented. If you own a rental you need to complete and SIGN the affidavit annually.