Code Enforcement

Code enforcement complaints may be reported by completing a complaint online.

If you need additional assistance with the Complaint Form or have further questions, please contact Code Enforcement Office at (775) 344-8326


The County’s policy is to achieve voluntary compliance with reported and discovered code violations. However, not all violations have the same degree of severity. As such, the County has established priority ranking and procedures. The intent is to allow the level of enforcement that best fits the type and circumstances of the code violation(s) within clear and objective criteria, consistent with the established priorities, and maximize available resources. It is the County’s policy that code enforcement follows the priority ranking set forth:

The County has established the following priorities.
  1. Violations that present an imminent threat to public health and safety or the environment;
  2. Violations affecting storm drainage, wetlands and/or adjacent areas;
  3. Public Health and Safety, Business License and Land Use code violations including failure to obtain required permits or failure to meet conditions and requirements or permits;
  4. Multiple complaints received on the same property
 Objectives and Goals

  1. Educate and inform the public about County Codes and to gain voluntary compliance.
  2. Protect the health, safety and welfare of property owners, residents, businesses and visitors.
  3. Establish and maintain a proactive environment to help solve community issues and stay at the forefront of creative and effective code compliance and enforcement.