Disabled Veteran Exemption

The disabled Veteran’s Exemption is provided for veterans who have a permanent service-connected disability of at least 60%. The amount of exemption is dependent on the degree of disability incurred:

  • 60%-79% disabled - 16,700 of assessed value
  • 80%-99% disabled -25,050 of assessed value
  • 100% disabled - 33,400 of assessed value
The surviving spouse of a disabled veteran who was eligible for this exemption at the time of there death may also be eligible to receive the benefits of this program.

Applying for the Exemption

To apply for the exemption, you must be a six month resident of Nevada and furnish copies of your discharge or separation papers and documentation of the percentage of service-connected disability from the Veteran’s Administration. A veteran may dedicate his/her exemption or a portion thereof to the construction and maintenance of veteran’s homes in Nevada. For more information contact the State Division of Veterans Affairs at (775) 688-1155.