Voter General Information

Lyon County offers two voting options, either Mail Ballot or In-Person Voting. Option 1: You may choose to mail from a convenient location of your choosing or drop off your completed ballot at any of our voting centers. Option 2: Vote in person during early voting or election day at any of our voting centers.  

Voting Centers for Election Day and Early Voting will be located throughout Lyon County and routinely published and noted on this website under the current election information section.   

All voters regardless of precinct may vote at any "Vote Center" throughout Lyon County.

Current Election Information

The 2024 Presidential Preference Primary to be on February 6,  2024.  

Lyon County registered voters affiliated with the Democrat and Republican parties will vote for the candidates of their choice.  Early voting will be for a one week period  prior to Election day at locations throughout Lyon County. Polling Locations and Candidate filings have been published on November 1st and November 8th, of 2023, in the Lyon County News Leader.

Offices up for Election in the 2024 Election Cycle

Judicial, Statewide and Lyon County Commissioner Offices open for nominations.

Judicial and Non-Judicial Lyon County Offices open for nominations.

Judicial Candidates SB418 Questionnaire for Non-Incumbent Judicial Candidates

Pete J Spinuzzi

Taylor Kelton

Election Results

Statewide election results are maintained on the Secretary of State's Website.

Lyon County election results: 

2022 Primary Election

2022 General Election

2020 Primary Election

2020 General Election

2018 Primary Election

2018 General Election

2016 Primary Election

2016 General Election


2014 Primary Election

2014 General Election

2012 Primary Election

2012 General Election

2010 Primary Election

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