Draft Title 15, Land Use and Development Code

Lyon County is in the process of preparing a new, updated and consolidated Land Use and Development Code. The new Code, Title 15, is intended to revise and replace the County’s current zoning (Title 10), land division (Title 11), floodplain management (Title 12), and mobile home and recreational vehicle provisions (Title 13).
Over the past two and one-half years the Lyon County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners have made revisions and improvements to the initial working draft. At their December 17, 2015 meeting, the Board of Commissioners directed staff to prepare a further revised draft Title 15 for possible ordinance adoption. The further revised draft was not to include transfer of development rights, mining regulations or sign regulations.

Proposed Ordinance to Enact Title 15

As directed by the Board of Commissioners, an ordinance was prepared for the possible adoption of Title 15. The ordinance was proposed by the Board of Commissioners at their meeting of January 21, 2016. The ordinance and its Exhibit A, Zoning Consistency Matrix, are available for download below.

Current Title 15 Drafts Available for Review

The Title 15, Land Use and Development Code, Proposed Ordinance Draft October 18, 2018 is available for download below.
*The draft is divided into sections for easier downloading. The below sections are the track changed versions of changes made since January 2018.

Comparison of Existing Title 10 and Draft Land Use & Development Code Zoning District Provisions

The two documents below provide a comparison of the zoning district provisions from the current Lyon County Code Title 10, Land Use Regulations, and the Draft Title 15, Land Use and Development Code.


Public Comment

It is anticipated that the Board of Commissioners will hold meetings to receive public comments on the current draft Title 15. We anticipate that meetings will be held in Dayton, Silver Springs and Yerington. Specific information regarding public comment meetings will be announced at a future date.

Further Review and Revision

The Board of County Commissioners will continue reviewing the draft Title 15, Land Use and Development Code, and additional provisions such as transfer of development rights, mining regulations and sign regulations. It is anticipated that the Board and Planning Commission will hold a workshop or workshops regarding transfer of development rights, mining regulations and sign regulations.

This review process may take several more months. All of the Board of Commissioners and Planning Commission meetings are open to the public and comments are welcomed.

Goals of the New Land Use and Development Code

The goals of the Land Use and Development Code project are to:
  • Conform Zoning and Development Regulations to the Goals and Policies of the 2010 Lyon County Master Plan.
  • Create a vehicle for implementation of the Master Plan.
  • Consolidate all development codes into a single code document containing a consistent format and the following components:
    • Administrative requirement and procedures.
    • Development Regulations, Incentives, and Implementation requirements and procedures.
    • Zoning Regulations including establishing uses and specific performance requirements based on location and use.
    • Land Division policies, requirements, and procedures.
    • Consolidated definitions, development standards and specifications, fee schedule, and application submission and review policies, procedures and schedules.
  • Structure the development code to allow and encourage flexibility in the design and location of a diversity of development projects. (Not one size fits all approach)
  • Limit the number and types of uses requiring conditional use/special use permit reviews by establishing specific performance standards based on location and intensity of use.
  • Achieve desired commercial and mixed-use development patterns utilizing a combination of form-based standards and performance requirements, design review, and density incentives that vary by character districts.
    • Develop minimum development standards for such topics as: signs, landscaping, commercial site and structural design, non-residential lighting, and parking/Loading.