Septic Tank Elimination Project

Dayton Valley Estates Septic Tank Elimination Project

This page will link you to information regarding the Dayton Valley Estates Septic Tank Elimination Project. Check back regularly for updates as they will be added as they become available.

The first public information meeting was held on May 14, 2014 at 7 pm at the Dayton Community Center located at 170 Pike St. See the Power Point Presentation 5/14/14 for information presented at the meeting. The meeting was well attended and many got their questions answered. Overall, most understood why the project needed to be done. They just had concerns on how it might impact their property and access to their property during construction.

Representatives of the County and/or Farr West Engineering visited with each homeowner on-site beginning in June 2014. This gave the homeowner a chance to work with us to determine the path that will cause the least damage to landscaping, driveways, etc.. This also gave the homeowner the opportunity to let us know of special needs or circumstances with the home or property. We considered all options and questions proposed.

We are still hoping to get signed permission slips from the last few homeowners that we have not been able to contact yet. It isn't too late! If you haven't signed a permission slip yet, please contact Greg Lyman at the phone number listed below as soon as possible.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - Construction is set to begin March 30, 2015 and be complete by March 2016. See related document below for list of contacts and related construction information.

The project manager for this project is:

Greg Lyman
Farr West Engineering

Greg will be glad to answer any questions or concerns on the project.

You may also contact the Public Works Director at:

Mike Workman
(775) 246-6220 ext. 3

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