Disability and Senior Supports and Services

Within the Adult Services Division there are several programs that provide information, assistance, and access to long-term support systems for older individuals, people with disabilities, caregivers, and those planning for future long-term support needs. The programs based on eligibility provide:
  • General information and referral assistance
  • Assistance with accessing federal, state, and local services and supports
  • Person centered case management to promote independence and long term planning
  • Home-bound Senior Case Management
  • Volunteer/Employment Education and Support (KASH program)
  • Money Management Education and Support
  • Crisis Intervention
    • Homeless Housing Support
    • Sudden change in employment
    • Unsafe or unhealthy lifestyle or living environment

Individuals seeking assistance must complete a Request for Services form and submit it to the Dayton, Fernley, Silver Springs, or Yerington office

 Location and Contact Information