Parks and Grounds

The Parks Maintenance Crew maintains and provides the upkeep for the landscape of the County’s buildings located in Fernley, Silver Springs and Dayton, along with the parks in Silver Springs, Stagecoach and Dayton. They work hard at keeping the grounds free of weeds, the lawns mowed and kept a beautiful green in our desert heat, along with bushes and trees trimmed and looking neat. During the winter it falls to our crew to shovel snow and keep our walks free of ice.

Grounds Maintained


  • Fernley Senior Center – 1170 W. Newlands Drive
  • Fernley Library – 575 Silver Lace Blvd.
  • Fernley Complex – 565 E. Main Street

Silver Springs

  • Silver Springs Senior Center – 1050 Pyramid Avenue
  • Silver Springs McAtee Building – 2475 Ft. Churchill
  • Silver Springs Sheriff’s Sub Station – 2471 Ft. Churchill
  • Silver Springs Human Services – 1175 Pyramid Way
  • Silver Springs Road Yard – 3590 Graham Avenue


  • Dayton Museum – 35 Shady Lane
  • Dayton Community Center – 170 Pike Street
  • Dayton Juvenile Probation – 50 River Street
  • Dayton Blue Stone Building – 235 Main Street
  • Dayton Senior Center – 320 Old Dayton Valley Road
  • Dayton Library – 321 Old Dayton Valley Road

Dayton Valley Road Medians and Easements

There are 24 road medians on Dayton Valley Road. The medians are in the design stage, old plants have been removed and new, more appropriate plants will be put in.