What other requirements do I need?
Different businesses have different requirements, please contact our office to discuss the nature of your business and if there are any state requirements needed before you can obtain your county license.

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1. When do I need a business license?
2. Do I need to go the Department of Taxation first?
3. How much will a business license cost me?
4. When do I need to file a Fictitious Firm Name?
5. Which inspections do I need and do I need them if I am running a business from my home?
6. How do I calculate number of employees, does this include leased or part-time employees?
7. Is a husband and wife considered a sole proprietorship?
8. Do I need to notify you if I close my business?
9. I don’t have any children, do I still need to complete the “CHILD SUPPORT” form?
10. What other requirements do I need?
11. Where do I get a federal identification number?
12. When do I need to fill out a renewal form to update my license?
13. Are the business license fees pro-rated?
14. When are fees due?
15. What if I have no employees, do I still need to complete the ‘Affirmation of Compliance?