Personal Property Declaration

A completed declaration provides most of the information needed to determine the taxable value of the business personal property. All personal property used for the business should be listed completely and accurately. The cost and year of acquisition should be listed on the declaration. The cost is defined as the purchase price of the item, including any applicable shipping and installation charges. The year of purchase or acquisition is needed so that the value of the property can be reduced by any applicable depreciation. The depreciation factors are based on expected life schedules prescribed by the Nevada Tax Commission through the Personal Property Manual.

Personal Property Business Declaration

Nevada State Department of Taxation Personal Property Manuals

Personal Property Depreciation Schedules

Filing a Personal Property Declaration

All businesses having assets within Lyon County must complete and file an annual declaration which lists any personal property that is used in conjunction with the business as of the lien date, which is July 1st. The "Declaration" is normally filed during the month of July each year. If the "Declaration" is received by the business at any other time, it is due within fifteen days of receipt. New businesses should contact the Lyon County Assessor at the same time the business license is acquired, or prior to opening the business. Please remember, the responsibility of keeping the Assessor informed of any changes in the business address, location or mailing change, is that of the taxpayer. To add a new business or change information regarding an existing business, a declaration form is available in our office.

Obtaining a Declaration

Declarations are normally mailed by July 1 of each year to businesses of record. If you do not receive a declaration by July 15, please call our Appraisal Division (775) 463-6520. The main office is located at 27 S. Main Street, Yerington, NV 89447.