Room Tax Board


Transient Lodging Tax Section 4.02.05-B (County Code Ordinance 336, Chapter 2):
The County share of revenue from the transient lodging tax shall be used to advertise the resources of Lyon County related to tourism, including available accommodations, transportation, entertainment, natural resources and climate, and to promote special events related thereto.
What this means is that the only thing this Board may expend revenue from transient lodging tax for is advertising as defined by Section 4.02.05-B of the Lyon County Code.

  1. To advertise the resources of Lyon County related to tourism (towns, state parks, museums, lakes, etc.)
  2. To advertise available accommodations (hotel, motel, restaurants, etc.)
  3. To advertise available transportation (bus, air, etc.)
  4. To advertise entertainment events
  5. To advertise natural resources, and climate
  6. To advertise the promotion of special events related thereto

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