Exemptions and Rebate Programs


Tax exemptions are provided to persons meeting certain requirements such as surviving spouses, orphans, veterans, disabled veterans and blind persons.

All exemptions require a six month residency along with appropriate documentation. Filing for exemptions must be done within specific time periods. For details, contact the County Assessor's Office.

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State of Nevada Exemptions

Nevada offers tax exemptions that can be applied to real property, personal property (mobile home, etc.) or used to reduce your vehicle privilege tax. The tax dollar amount of the exemption varies depending on the taxing district in which you live. An exemption of $1,000 assessed value would translate to a maximum of $35 saved on your tax bill or $40 off the privilege tax on your vehicle registration.

When to Apply

For an exemption to be used on real property, the application must be made and the exemption card signed on or before June 15 preceding the fiscal year the taxes are payable. If the exemption is to be applied to personal property or a motor vehicle, the exemption card may be signed any time on or before the dates such taxes are due.