Domestic Violence Protective Order TPO

To qualify for the Domestic Violence Protective Order there is a specific criteria that must. The Applicant and Adverse party must be included in the following:

NRS 33.018 Acts that Constitute Domestic Violence

1. Domestic violence occurs when a person commits one of the following acts against or upon his spouse, former spouse, any other person to whom he is related by blood or marriage, a person with whom he is or was actually residing, a person with whom he has had or is having a dating relationship, a person with whom he has a child in common, the minor child of any of those persons, his minor child or any person who has been appointed the custodian or legal guardian for his minor child;(a) A battery;(b) An assault;(c) Compelling the other by force or threat of force to perform an act from which he has the right to refrain or to refrain from an act which he has the right to perform;(d) A sexual assault;(e) A knowing, purposeful or reckless course of conduct intended to harass the other;(f) A false imprisonment;(g) Unlawful entry of the other’s residence, or forcible entry against the other’s will if there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of harm to the other from the entry.

Application for Domestic Violence Temporary Protective Order (TPO)
Motion to Modify, Extend, Dissolve, Violation of TPO
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