Stalking and Harassment in the Workplace

Justice Courts have the jurisdiction to enter Orders of Protection for the Workplace. To see if you qualify as an applicant please review the following Nevada Revised Statute (NRS).

Under NRS 33.240, harassment in the workplace occurs when:
A person knowingly threatens to cause or commits an act that causes:(a) Bodily injury to himself or another person;(b) Damage to the property of another person; or (c) Substantial harm to the physical or mental health or safety of a person; The threat is made or the act is committed against an employer, an employee of the employer while the employee performs his duties of employment or a person present at the workplace of the employer; and The threat would cause a reasonable person to fear that the threat will be carried out or the act would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated or harassed.

Instruction for Application of Workplace Protection Order
Application for Workplace Protection Order
Application to Extend Workplace Protection Order
Confidential Cover Page (Required)
Continuation Page
Motion to Modify Protection Order