Inmate Property

Due to safety and security concerns, Lyon County Detention Facility staff is not authorized to allow outside property destined for specific inmates from family and friends.

Exceptions may be made by detention facility supervisors for prescribed medications and medical devices (i.e. - breathing devices and eye glasses).

Property Releases

An inmate must initiate the property release process by submitting a property release form to detention staff.  Conversely, detention staff will not initiate any property release due to potential civil right violations.

Property that is in the custody of an inmate may be released under the following conditions:
  • Once a property release has been received by detention staff, items may be picked up in the main Justice Complex lobby during business hours.  Business hours are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • ID verification from a valid government-issued photo ID is required (i.e. - driver's license, state-issued ID card).  Non-governmental identification cards will NOT be accepted.
  • Only the person listed on the release form is authorized to receive property.
  • Any property requested for release and not picked up prior to inmate release or transfer will be transferred or released with the inmate.